kind words from clients

“Oh my gosh, where do I even start with Anita!? She’s mostly photographer (and an EXCELLENT one at that), but also part planner, part coordinator, part therapist (not every guy loves taking cheesy pics, ha), and part friend. Out of all the vendors we worked with for our August 2017 wedding, Anita was by far our favorite.

She is incredibly talented and knows outdoor lighting like the back of her hand – since our wedding and engagement pics were outside, this was super important to us. What I also love about her is that she doesn’t take “posed” pictures (unless you ask for them!) – she’s all about capturing natural moments and genuine connection. This is so important because most photographers focus so much on posing and don’t capture the heartfelt and real moments and emotions. These moments are what make truly memorable photos that you will cherish for a lifetime.

If you are debating about a vendor for a wedding (or any event), Anita is someone you shouldn’t even think twice about booking – you definitely will not be disappointed! I don’t have any other big things coming up soon, but I already can’t wait to book her again!”


Amanda + Anthony {Purple Orchid Inn Livermore Wedding}



“I first saw Anitas work when my cousin got married.  I was very impressed with the work and quality.  When it came time to hire a photographer for my wedding and engagement, I looked around and met with a few photographers and their portfolios.  One thing that really stuck out with Anitas work is how she captured the love and bond between her subjects so naturally.  Then when we met Anita, we instantly knew she was our photographer.  She has such a great attitude and is very friendly, not at all like some of the awkward business-like meetings I had with other photographers.  When she shot our engagement shoot, we met on a beach near Half Moon Bay, and even though the weather wasnt great, you would never know it from our photos.  The final edits were perfect and the reactions were genuine.  With Anita, theres no forced poses  or hand adjustments, no staged shots.  The shoot was fun, and she only offered subtle suggestions, doing the rest of the work on her own to get the shots.

When it came to our wedding day, she was amazing.  She showed up early to get all the venue shots, as well as getting ready shots.  The rest of the day, to be honest, I barely noticed her doing her work except during the family portraits.  When we got the album a few weeks later, we were blown away.  She was like a photo ninja.  She captured moments that we didnt even think she had captured.

If you are looking for a photographer, look no further.  Anita is as good as they get.”


Aaron + Alyson {Rio Villa Beach Resort Wedding}



“Anita is THE BEST. I’m not even sure any words I use can describe how invaluable she was for us on our wedding day and the entire year leading up to it. The engagement photos she took were just a small teaser and then she completely impressed us on our big day. Anita is flexible, so sweet, hard-working, and one of the most authentic humans out there. She was right there for every moment. Our guests loved how she was on the dance floor with her camera for the entire reception. We will cherish the smiles she captured forever. Her style of photography is everything you need for a wedding because we can remember the love through every frame. She is super responsive and quick. We received the edits from our big day within two weeks, which is nearly unheard of. I already miss working with her – she is such a wonderful person to have on your team!

Shannon + Ryan {Heavenly Lakeview Lodge Wedding}



“Anita is so unbelievably great to work with! She took the most incredible photos– I still can’t believe how beautiful they are!

I never even noticed her snapping away but she captured every angle throughout the evening. From the ‘getting ready photos’, through the last dance, she made every memory special. It was so fun going through and seeing how much fun everyone else was having too! And the detail shots she got were flawless….and the sunset photos…breathtaking!!!

I so highly recommend Anita! I got my photos back in less than 3 weeks and have been reliving the best day of my life routinely since.”

Tracy + Andy {Heavenly Lakeview Lodge Wedding}



“Not like Anita needs yet another raving review, but Anita is the best photographer I’ve ever seen. She’s shot many of our friends weddings, maternity shoots, newborn photos, and just this past weekend, our wedding. We knew she was amazing before we even met her, but in addition to being such a talented artist, she is SO FUN! We had a blast with her taking our wedding photos, she’s so fun, and hilarious! She was out there having a great time right along side us. At one point, Anita was lying in a field of dried grass, in her dress, just to get that perfect shot. And that shot…is more than perfect! We also had a last minute change of plans when it wasn’t looking like my dad was going be out of the hospital in time for the wedding. Anita offered to come 2 hours early to come to the hospital so we could get pictures of the ceremony with my dad. When he surprised us 30 minutes before the planned ceremony, Anita was there to capture that moment too. We cannot thank you enough for shooting our wedding and going so far out of your way to make our day so great. Anita, you are truly the BEST!”


Gabby + Cameron {Sonoma Private Home Wedding}



“Anita Martin is by far the BEST photographer we have EVER had! WAYYYY better than our wedding photos–in fact, I wish we had booked her instead! I am rather awkward in front of the camera, and none of that awkwardness translates in her pictures (which says A LOT). Anita makes you feel at ease and relaxed the entire time, even forgetting that she is snapping pics of you. Her eye for lighting, and poses and scenery is like none other. She truly has a talent for not only capturing authentic emotion, but making you look and feel amazing in the finished product. I want to book her again and again and again. We had her take our maternity photos and I must say, my husband and I are BLOWN away. I’m telling you, if you are looking for someone who can capture the very BEST version of you and your family, in a way that surpasses any expectation, book Anita!”


Gabriella + Ryan {Sacramento Roseville Maternity Session}



“We loved working with Anita. Our engagement photos were incredible and our wedding photos were magical. She put up with all my tiny requests and tweaks and was extremely responsive throughout the whole process. She knows what she’s doing and has a great time when working with a second shooter. We loved Anita and we loved our pictures!!! Memories to last a lifetime.”


Kristina + Ryan {Valhalla South Lake Tahoe Wedding}



“Anita is not only an amazing photographer, she is a super sweet person and really easy to work with. Anita came to our home in SF to do our maternity and newborn photos which made it really convienent and easy on us (we especially appreciated this for the newborn photos).  She had great ideas for the photos and was really patient when our newborn kept fussing and peeing on the props! Because of this it the photoshoot took at least an hour longer than it should have, but she didn’t make any mention of the time and didn’t try to rush things at all. You can tell she really cares about her clients and wants them to be happy with the photos. Her care and skill shows in her phenomenal photos. Thank you Anita for our awesome photos, we could not be happier with your work!”


Sophia + Newborn Nikki {San Francisco Newborn}



“Oh my gosh these are perfect!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you thank you! I cried last night looking at them! Happy tears of course, they are perfect. Thank you!!!”


Jillene + Mitch {Garden Court Hotel Palo Alto Wedding}&



“Alyson and I are simply blown away with the shoot.  It came out even better than either of us hoped for.  We are even more excited for the wedding now that we know we have the best photographer to capture our moments.  Thank you so much for traveling all the way to San Gregorio and for dodging horses and wading across rivers on the cold beach to capture these amazing shots.  We really appreciate all your hard work and talent. We cant wait for July!”


Aaron + Alyson {San Gregorio Beach and Horse Ranch Engagement}



“Anita is so gifted her work is phenomenal! We just had our engagement photos done by her and wow she captured everything so beautifully I was stunned by how the photos turned out! I can’t wait for her to do our wedding day! If you are looking for an exceptional photographer she will travel anywhere pretty much with a travel fee of course and she is sooooo worth every penny spent. She does family and newborn photos and once we get married and have our next chapter of life I know who to call! Thanks Anita!”


Jess +Mike {San Francisco and Sausalito Engagement}


San Francisco FerryBuilding Sausalito Engagement Photographer-017


“Anita, thanks sooooo much for these gorgeous photos. We loved the way you captured every moment of our special day. We will be savoring/enjoying these pictures for years and years to come. We are also very honored to have made it onto your website for a second time. =) Your work is amazing and we are 150% glad you were our photographer!!”


Han + Yushen {Ruby Hill Golf Club Wedding}


Ruby Hill Golf Club Wedding Photographer-037


“I’m speechless! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! These pictures are absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!! We’re so happy we get to relive this day and go through all of these pictures! You are seriously incredible.”


Jodie + Kevin {Lake Tahoe River Ranch Lodge Wedding}

LakeTahoe Tahoe City River Ranch Lodge Wedding Photographer-021


“Oh Anita!!! These photos are absolutely GORGEOUS!! THANK YOU!!! …my family and friends are raving over your work!! Thank you for everything!! Thank you so so much!! You are amazing and there is not a day that goes by that I am not grateful for all you’ve done for us! Best photographer EVER!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!


Fatima + Stephen {Nella Terra Cellars Wedding}


Nella Terra Cellars Wedding Photographer-039


“Anita!! We just spent the past couple hours looking through the ABSOLUTELY AMAZING photos that you took! We are just in awe of how many incredible moments you captured so perfectly. Of course we will be savoring these photos and looking through them again and again in order to fully absorb and relive our wedding day 🙂 We are so thrilled with your work and we will cherish these photos for the rest of our lives! Again, thank you so much for everything and your exceptional photographic touch!

Dan and I just wanted to thank you for being such a calm and creative presence at our wedding! We could not have asked for a more poised photographer and we really appreciate all the time and care you put into getting great photos that we will treasure for years to come. Your assistant was lovely as well!”


Maya + Dan {Inn at Park Winters Wedding}


Inn Park Winters Wedding Photographer-025


“Anita – OH MY GOODNESS!!!! All of the pictures are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!  Thank you so much for capturing so many beautiful moments of the happiest day of my life!!!!  I was brought to tears yet AGAIN looking through each of the pictures! Thank you doesn’t even say enough!!!”


Krystal + Ricardo {Masonic Temple Sacramento Wedding}




“Anita – These pictures are jaw dropping! We are stunned by the colors and background. I absolutely love that you captured the birds in flight at Palace of Fine Arts. Thank you so much for your incredible eye and creativity. We can’t wait to show these pictures to our friends and family and we’ll be sure to direct them to the website if they want to purchase any. I just so happened to have stalked your blog this morning because I enjoy perusing your photos and taking in your talent and noticed that you wrote a sweet blog and posted some photos of our engagement session! You captured the day perfectly, from the weather, laughs, scenic locations to the dark side of posing with an injured bleeding finger (I hope that wasn’t an omen!) 🙂 Since we shared the photos with our friends and family, we haven’t stopped gushing about your talents and they haven’t stopped letting us know how incredible the photos are. Thanks again for sharing your talents with us. We are so very excited for November!”


Moira + Matt {San Francisco Sutro Baths Engagement}


Anita Martin Photography | Palace of Fine Arts-Lands End-Baker Beach_SanFrancisco_Engagement_and_Wedding_Photographer-001


“This is a review for men tasked with setting up photography for their wedding: My wife is also going to leave a 5 star review for Anita, and I’m going to let her review focus on why she was a fantastic photographer from a technical and artistic perspective. Anita is obviously a superbly talented artist, but I’m 1) colorblind, and 2) have been known to mix plaid ties with patterned shirts, so I’m going to leave the artistic praise to my wife. What I want to review is how fantastic it was working with Anita– particularly as a groom with absolutely no experience organizing a photographer for any event, let alone a wedding.

Bottomline: Anita was professional, thoughtful, and lovely to work with from beginning to end.

When I first called Anita, I could tell right away she knew how to set up a photography session. She started by getting a general sense of my and my fiance’s tastes, and it really helped that she was so patient and sweet with us. Anita was great at offering suggestions to move the process forward, and I really liked that she was helpful without being too assertive. While it was important for my wife’s opinions to be heard and considered during the process, it was also important that we get a little help and direction wherever we got stuck or indecisive. I think Anita handled this aspect particularly beautifully, and I can assure you you’re going to want this kind of help during the stressful planning and execution phases of your wedding. Anita was also always very available and flexible with us. We were married in the Central Valley, but have been living in Iowa City while my wife finishes medical school. Given her tough schedule, we had to give Anita some very last minute timeliness for taking pictures. She was always gracious and flexible with her time– despite just having had a new baby! (Also, it was really fun watching an 8 months pregnant woman run around in the woods taking our engagement pics, but that’s another story). The day of the wedding itself was also fantastic, and everyone enjoyed having both Anita and her assistant with us. They both did a great job of directing the families, always maintaining a sense of pace and direction without being dominating or making us feel rushed. They also made it easy for everyone to see fantastic pictures from seemingly impossible angles, without ever getting in the way of anything. Above all, I think the quality of our photos speaks for itself. Anita returned around 1,000 beautiful pictures to us, and had them all edited and cleaned up in about two weeks– all fantastically efficient and high quality work. Again, I’m leaving the technical and artistic review to my wife because she’s more capable of describing why Anita’s work is so great, but I can assure you it will be another 5 star review.

But for every reason (including the beautiful work) I HIGHLY recommend Anita as a photographer for any occasion, particularly if you’re a first time groom with no artistic or organizational skills who needs a little help getting it all done properly.”


Marcela + Seth {Viaggio Winery Wedding}


Acampo Viaggio Winery WineCountry California Winery Wedding Photographer-026


“Anita is an incredibly talented photographer, yet so down to earth. She photographed our engagement and wedding and in both sessions allowed and encouraged us to just have fun and be ourselves. The results were amazing and the realness of our smiles and laughs is very noticeable in the photos, almost none of them look “posed.”   I would hire her again in a heartbeat for any photo needs.”


Siobhan + Greg {Elks Tower Sacramento Wedding}




“OMG…. I am DYING! How am I ever going to only choose 60-70!!? They are AMAZING!!!! I can’t wait to get home and start choosing the photos for the album!!!”


Jessica + Zachary {Forest House Lodge Wedding}




“You captured the essence of our daughter, Kimberley, and Wills wedding day. Your photographs are absolutely beautiful, fun, gorgeous and spot on to the spirit of their dreams. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with others, we are so greatful to have found you.  You have created such special and loving memories in print that we can admire…reflect, smile, tear up and giggle at…..your talent is amazing and we couldn’t be happier.”


Joyce, Mother of the Bride {Sutter Creek Wedding}


“Anita was the most amazing photographer! She was so fun to work with and really listened to what we wanted. My husband and I are both a little camera shy and don’t love being the center of attention. Anita made us feel so comfortable and relaxed that we were able to loosen up and almost forget that we were being photographed! We could not be happier with the finished products! Every picture was so natural and artistically beautiful. Also, several of our guests mentioned to me how friendly she and her coworker were to everyone. Not only was her work amazing, but she was one of the nicest, most genuine person to work with! If I could only pick one thing from our wedding to recommend to others, it would be her!


Kimberley + Will {Sutter Creek Wedding}


Sutter Creek Sierra Ridge Winery Wedding Photographer-044


“These five stars are long overdue, as Anita did our engagement photos in January 2013 and our wedding in June 2013. I wish I could give 10 stars. I cannot emphasize this enough: she is amazing!

Having a great photographer was one of my top priorities for our wedding, and as my husband and I were living on the east coast at the time, we really needed someone who was quick to respond by email/phone. Anita delivered in every aspect: she answered all of our questions quickly, put together a custom package that met our needs and our budget, and was warm, friendly, and easy to work with.

Beyond the great customer service she provides, the photos Anita delivered are incredible. Not only did they turn out beautifully, but she truly captured every important moment and special detail. I am so, so glad we were able to work with her!”


Virginia + Matt {Sonoma Lodge Wedding}


Sonoma Lodge Wedding Photographer-024


“Anita did our engagement photos at Land’s End in San Francisco.  Really appreciated her positive enthusiasm and artistic eye.  As a guy who was looking to book an outdoor photoshoot, I really needed someone to bring an artistic eye and also be adaptable to the various scenes.  Anita did a great job suggesting outfits and also helping us find great backdrops when we arrived.  The photos came out great, and everyone agreed that they were well done.  Throughout the process she was very professional and accommodating.

I’ve since referred her to a number of my friends who are also looking for family portraits and professional photos.  I’d highly recommend her.”


Alex + Betty {San Francisco Lands End and Sutro Baths Engagement}




“My husband and I hired Anita as our engagement and wedding photographer and we could not be happier! From the moment we met her, we knew that we had found the person who would make our special day last a lifetime. Not only was she easy to talk with but she listened to the vision we had for our wedding. Anita is a fun spirited person which made it easy for me to be myself in front of her and her lens. At the wedding, Anita was able to capture candid and fun moments. Her artistic eye gave us unique photos as well as a spin on traditional ones. Our whole family loved her!

Even after the wedding day was over, Anita stayed in contact with us and arranged meetings to go over additional items included in our package. For brides getting married in Northern California or any where else in the world, Anita Martin is not only one of the best photographers I have had the pleasure of working with, but one of the kindest and authentic persons I have met. I highly recommend Anita Martin Photography and if I could give her more stars, I would!”


Kristina + Grant {Forest House Lodge Wedding}


sacramento wedding photography kristina grant -045


“Anita Martin did our engagement session and wedding day photography. She is the sweetest thing ever, and so easy to work with. I usually HATE taking pictures, but she made me feel so comfortable and at times I forgot she was even there 😉 She managed to capture EVERY single detail of the day, and I’m not kidding you everything looks so much more amazing through her lens. She is a true artist, and has such a great eye! The products we ordered through her were SO nice, and great quality and so much more than I had hoped for! I am so completely thrilled with everything!”


Anita + Steven {Brentwood Golf Club Wedding}




“Anita photographed our wedding in August and was absolutely amazing! My photographer was the first vendor I booked after finding my venue…Anita was very friendly and easy to talk with when I first met her, something that was very important to me. I want a photographer that I was comfortable with.

Prior to the wedding I did a boudoir shoot with her and she was awesome! She made me feel very comfortable and made something that could be very awkward a lot of fun! Plus the pictures turned out amazing. My husband loved them!

Our wedding was on a Friday in August and got off to a late start, but afterwards Anita got down to business and made sure we got all the family photos we wanted, as well as plenty of pictures of my husband and I. She was fun and energetic, making us feel comfortable in front of the camera but she was professional at the same time, a perfect combination! She captured every detail and moment from our wedding yet it seemed like she wasn’t even there. She simply blended in with our guests. We had a second shooter as well and she was just as great as Anita! They worked very well together. Calvin and I were very happy with the professionalism yet the fun energy that Anita brought to our wedding. The photos accurately captured everything that was amazing about our wedding. We look forward to working with Anita again in the future!”


Katie + Calvin {Forest House Lodge Wedding}




“One of the most important aspects of wedding planning to me was finding a fabulous photographer who could capture the memories, emotions, and fun of our wedding day. I am so happy that we chose Anita to shoot our wedding because she was able to do exactly that!

We first worked with Anita during our engagement session in Napa and quickly learned how easy she was to work with. My husband and I are not the most comfortable in front of the camera, but she made sure that we were having fun, feeling comfortable, and not feeling awkward. She gave us as much posing directions as we wanted (which for us, was sort of a lot), but if you are someone who is more comfortable striking a pose of your own, Anita is certainly fine with that too! Our photos turned out great and we had a nice mix of photo-journalistic type images as well as the posed ones that grandparents love so much.

On the day of our wedding, Anita and her assistant managed to capture all the important moments and details of the day without being intrusive or noticeable. While going through our gallery, I noticed so many pictures that I didn’t even know were being taken because Anita made a point to blend in with what was going on. She again gave us and our bridal party as much direction as we wanted, but also let us be silly and creative with our posing and requests. She had us pose certain ways or do certain things that may have felt weird at the time, but ultimately turned out great in the pictures! She was timely, friendly, professional, and fun during the entire wedding day, and everyone who interacted with her had only good things to say.

I most definitely recommend Anita to anyone looking for a talented photographer with great customer service skills :)”


Lindsay + Todd {Loomis Flower Farm Inn Wedding}




“Anita did AMAZING! Not only did she capture every moment of our special day, but really listened to what I was envisioning. The photos were above and beyond our expectations! I knew one of the most important aspects in a wedding is the photographer and I am SO happy I chose Anita! Thanks again for everything!!!”


Sarah + Jonathan {Folsom Lake Natoma Inn Wedding}


sacramento wedding photography sarah jonathan -036


“If you want every touching moment of your ceremony and reception captured without even knowing it, I encourage you to use Anita Martin Photography for your special day. Not only are the quality and composition of each photograph exquisite, Anita possesses a unique talent for capturing a perfect moment without my noticing her presence.

Her artistic vision shines through in each photograph. From capturing a tear rolling down my fiancé’s cheek when he saw me for the first time, to a belly laugh from my mother at the reception, to the curious smile painted on my four-year-old nephew’s face while he waited patiently, Anita exceeded my expectations on every level.

She is not just a photographer, but a keen observer of human behavior and a true artist. As a bonus, she is the sweetest, kindest, friendliest, easiest woman-to-talk-to ever! She is worth every single penny and more! She is also completely professional, punctual, and organized. She helped me feel calm while getting ready for the ceremony. I give her and her work the highest recommendation!”


Kellie + Matt {Sacramento Amber House Wedding}