San Francisco Family {Moss Beach Photographer}

Oh hello. This family is gorgeous. They are fun and carefree and they are one of my all time favorite clients.

I adore Cristin and her sweet baby girl, her awesome husband with beautiful hair, and how after every session with them I leave smiling. Cristin has a way about her that just makes people around her happy. She is infectious with her grins and I admire her greatly. I had the pleasure of meeting Cristin a couple of years ago for a couple’s session. After she announced her pregnancy I was thrilled to photograph her belly (and her and Matt were in the photos too!) She has amazing taste and honestly, it was truly an honor to continue to get her and her family in front of my camera. She is as sweet and kind as she looks and her baby girl is just the cutest.

I was down in Moss Beach for a wedding and I had the brilliant idea to photograph her family holiday photos near Half Moon Bay. I was lucky to have a beach house near the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, and after a little research I loved the idea of a photo session amongst the groves of coastal trees, with soft light streaming through, the ocean in the background.

Cristin was excited about the idea of a session near the coast and she and her family met me at the Marine Reserve for a morning shoot. The light, the sky, this family did not disappoint. We were able to wander the cypress groves and enjoy some time talking as we took photos. I cannot thank Cristin enough for continuing to trust me with her family photos. She is a photographer herself and there really is no greater compliment than being asked to photograph a photographer’s family year after year. Thank you sweet Cristin!


Wes and DeDe’s fabulously fun beach engagement {Marin Headlands and Rodeo Beach Photographer}

Oh Wes and DeDe. You two. I was looking forward to meeting this couple at their engagement in the Marin Headlands. This coastal area of California makes me so, so happy. Naturally I am going to love anyone that likes the coast as much as I do. The wind, the rolling hills and cliffs along the ocean, and that soft beach light is my jam. Yes ma’am.

So I show up early to the session to scout out a good place to shoot. As I drive around looking for parking I realize I have zero cell service. Nada. I slightly panic after realizing our plan to meet at the main beach parking lot is not going to work, as the lot is completely packed. Cue me driving around stopping, holding my cell phone out of the window, hoping for some service. With my fingers crossed and one bar of service flickering in and out, I was finally able to eek out a text message (sighs of relief) and we were able to meet up at the most perfect, glowing, green field. The light was amazing, and once DeDe and Wes hopped out of their car I knew they were going to be insanely fun.

These two met after graduating from college in San Diego. They were in the same friends-of-friends circle and knew of each other, but did not get a chance to meet until after graduation. They hit it off, with Wes moving to the Bay Area from Southern California. DeDe and Wes are now planning a wedding that is all theirs at a gorgeous winery in Sonoma County. I am incredibly excited to meet their families and friends and photograph their big day. They have a natural ease with each other. A sweet affection. They are fun loving and very gracious. I wish them nothing but the very best for easy wedding planning! Can’t wait to see you folks again this summer!MarinSausalitoBeachEngagementPhotographer-000MarinSausalitoBeachEngagementPhotographer-001MarinSausalitoBeachEngagementPhotographer-002MarinSausalitoBeachEngagementPhotographer-003MarinSausalitoBeachEngagementPhotographer-004MarinSausalitoBeachEngagementPhotographer-005MarinSausalitoBeachEngagementPhotographer-006MarinSausalitoBeachEngagementPhotographer-007MarinSausalitoBeachEngagementPhotographer-008MarinSausalitoBeachEngagementPhotographer-009MarinSausalitoBeachEngagementPhotographer-010MarinSausalitoBeachEngagementPhotographer-011MarinSausalitoBeachEngagementPhotographer-012MarinSausalitoBeachEngagementPhotographer-013MarinSausalitoBeachEngagementPhotographer-014MarinSausalitoBeachEngagementPhotographer-015MarinSausalitoBeachEngagementPhotographer-016MarinSausalitoBeachEngagementPhotographer-017MarinSausalitoBeachEngagementPhotographer-018MarinSausalitoBeachEngagementPhotographer-019MarinSausalitoBeachEngagementPhotographer-020