Grace’s In Home and Lands End San Francisco Maternity Session {San Francisco Maternity Photographer}

After talking on the phone about all of the details for her San Francisco home and Lands End maternity session I was absolutely thrilled to meet Grace and her husband. She greeted me with so much warmth and serenity on the day of her photo shoot. She was expecting her first child, gender unknown. We talked about their decision to keep the gender a surprise until delivery, her desire for a calm and peaceful birth experience, and her love of New York and her husband.

We began our session in her lovely house, cozy, colorful, and in a fabulous part of San Francisco. Her little one will be a city baby, born to feel the pulse of this gorgeous city by the bay. Grace and her husband have started the journey towards parenthood and it goes by quickly enough that it is important to document the growing belly, rich with life, and the growing love between Grace and her supportive and caring husband. He spoke fondly to the baby in Chinese, sweet tones that travel through her to his unborn child. This family is filled with love.


After photographing this lovely lady in her home, we traveled to the Lands End and Sutro Baths area of San Francisco. Along the coast the winds blew with such force we struggled to walk towards the impressive cliffs and vast views overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Grace’s hair blew with such artistry, it was amazing and I loved every second.San-Francisco-Maternity-Photographer-In-Home-Sutro-Baths-LandsEnd-007San-Francisco-Maternity-Photographer-In-Home-Sutro-Baths-LandsEnd-008

Oh this view. I will never tire of this view. It is as if she is looking out over her unknown future as a mother. Counting on the strength her child will give her to help her navigate these new waters in her life.San-Francisco-Maternity-Photographer-In-Home-Sutro-Baths-LandsEnd-009

And this love. Oh sweet love, the way a couple can laugh together. It makes my heart sing.San-Francisco-Maternity-Photographer-In-Home-Sutro-Baths-LandsEnd-010San-Francisco-Maternity-Photographer-In-Home-Sutro-Baths-LandsEnd-011

Thank you to Grace and her husband for their willingness to brave the winds with me!

Outdoor Family Portraits {Folsom Family Photographer}

I met up with Jessica and her family for an outdoor family portrait session in Folsom, California a few months back. Lovely green stalks still graced the open field, and her families gorgeous complexions and fiery red hair complimented this natural setting perfectly. Thank you to this sweet family for allowing me to provide them a few images of their growing children.


This family is at home in the outdoors, often taking family camping trips and vacations in the mountains. They want to expose their children to a life filled with fresh air and sunshine, and that is probably why I am so fond of them. I adore sweet siblings the kind of kids that are gentle with each other, and truly love each other. These lovely children are a true joy to be around and their parents are so kind and compassionate with them.

Family photography, to me at least, should show a little more than a standard portrait. I feel happiest when I can connect with my clients on a deeper level and unearth their personalities, true smiles, and soft interaction. There is always a moment where a family is really being themselves and individual personalities are shining through…those are my favorite moments to capture. Putting children at ease and drawing them out is always my goal during a family portrait session.

Family means so much to me, I never want to forget the way my husband laughs with my two boys. I always feel like I am given the opportunity to get to know people in their elements when they are with their own families during a session, and that is such an honor. A philosophy I was exposed to from some industry leaders I admire, being a photographer is about more than showing off what people look like…it is about showing who they are and how they are with others that they love.