Baby O is here! {Roseville Folsom In-Home Newborn Photographer}

This little boy is the son of dear friends of mine. It always makes me happy to meet new babies! Thank you to this very sweet family for letting me hang with them for a few hours and take some photos of their new baby boy!

Roseville In Home newborn Photographer-001Roseville In Home newborn Photographer-002Roseville In Home newborn Photographer-003Roseville In Home newborn Photographer-004Roseville In Home newborn Photographer-005Roseville In Home newborn Photographer-006Roseville In Home newborn Photographer-007Roseville In Home newborn Photographer-008

Yushen and Han are engaged! {Thomas Fogarty Winery Russian Ridge Engagement Photographer}

I was introduced to Yushen and Han through past clients Alex and Betty. Yushen and Han are planning a spring wedding this year and wanted to meet soon for their engagement session. We braved chilling cold and winds as we hiked Russian Ridge for sunset photos and in the end it was absolutely, positively, without a doubt worth it. These two are so sweet and loving and I adored every second of our session together!

We started at Thomas Fogarty Winery in Woodside, wandering the lovely property and taking advantage of the beautiful light and Han’s gorgeous smile. After an outfit change we headed out for our hiking adventure. I am obsessed with these kind of views and hope all of my clients would love to go for an engagement session hike (hint hint):) We chatted about their wedding plans, their exciting jobs, and working on work-life balance. They are such positive people, so grounded, ambitious yet focused on their future as a couple, it is inspiring. I learned so much about what they do every day and I have so much respect for them as humans and doctors.

Thank you to this fun and amazing couple for trusting me with their engagement photos! I cannot wait for their wedding this spring!

ThomasFogarty RussianRidge Engagement Photographer-000ThomasFogarty RussianRidge Engagement Photographer-001ThomasFogarty RussianRidge Engagement Photographer-002ThomasFogarty RussianRidge Engagement Photographer-003ThomasFogarty RussianRidge Engagement Photographer-004ThomasFogarty RussianRidge Engagement Photographer-005ThomasFogarty RussianRidge Engagement Photographer-006ThomasFogarty RussianRidge Engagement Photographer-007ThomasFogarty RussianRidge Engagement Photographer-008ThomasFogarty RussianRidge Engagement Photographer-009ThomasFogarty RussianRidge Engagement Photographer-010ThomasFogarty RussianRidge Engagement Photographer-011ThomasFogarty RussianRidge Engagement Photographer-012