Mansion Wedding in South Carolina {Lake Tahoe and Wine Country Wedding Photographer}

Oh, Rose Hill Mansion. You are gorgeous.

I flew across the country on a whirlwind trip with my dear friend, Joanna Clark of Bluella Photography to second shoot a wedding in South Carolina with her. I was happy to assist her in documenting the glorious wedding day of Tyson and Mike. The Mike Tyson wedding, if you will 😉 Hilton Head is so beautiful, I was so excited to finally make a trip there. It was on my bucket list of places to visit. Now to go back one day with my family and enjoy the soft beaches and wonderfully humid, salty air.

We spent the week eating some pretty amazing food, southern oysters, decadent desserts, fresh seafood, wine. It was honestly a wonderful getaway and a great way to spend time with my sweet friend. Thank you Jo for allowing me to come second shoot this beautiful wedding with you! I am so honored to share images from their special day.South

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Andrea’s In Home Maternity {Sacramento Baby and Belly Photographer}

Andrea and her husband welcomed me into their beautiful craftsman home in Sacramento, and I discovered the best pockets of light to show off her beautiful belly during her maternity session. Their style was subdued and classic. I could immediately tell they are purposeful and respect simple beauty and timelessness. They are excitedly expecting their first baby girl this summer, and their home is abuzz with anticipation for her arrival. The occasional glimpse of a baby item mixed with their belongings lets visitors know they are preparing for her arrival.

Andrea positively glows with an effortless grace. She radiates the kind of calm I wish to always have with my children, and I can tell she is going to be a wonderful mama. I was so happy to hear she feels wonderful, is having a perfectly uneventful pregnancy, and I wish her the best for a smooth delivery.

I am looking forward to meeting their sweet girl very soon, and cannot wait to go back and take her photograph. Her parent’s arms are waiting.