Christina, Stefanie, and their Best Friends Maternity Photos! {Folsom Belly and Baby Photographer}

Ok peeps. I am going to overshare some maternity photos for my stunning sister (Christina, who you might recognize from prior sessions I have on my blog) and the sweet and gorgeous Stefani. Make sure you stick around for their super fun best friend photos at the end!!

These two, oh my lanta. I am loving their style and their smiles. They are both incredibly happy to be adding little bundles to their families.

Christina is welcoming a little boy and Stefani is ready for her little girl. I cannot wait to meet them both! Newborn sessions will be calling my name this spring, it is truly the season for babies.

I wanted to capture some indoor and outdoor portraits for these ladies, and they graciously obliged my requests. I actually had little to do with their poses and expressions, they are both so in tune with their bellies and those sweet babies growing inside. I am a huge fan of maternity sessions, having had my two boys it is amazing and alien like and awe inspiring all at the same time to grow a human. There really is no other time when your body is not your own, and any experience out of the ordinary deserves a photo session. Says the photographer:)

We shall start with images of the beautiful Stefani. Then the radiant Christina. Then the two of them dancing around in the sunset light. You will not want to miss that light. And the cuteness. It slays me!

These make me want to have a baby again. Almost. Or just photograph people who are having babies. Either way, I am getting my belly fix with these ladies!FolsomMaternityPhotographer-000FolsomMaternityPhotographer-001FolsomMaternityPhotographer-002FolsomMaternityPhotographer-004FolsomMaternityPhotographer-005FolsomMaternityPhotographer-007FolsomMaternityPhotographer-008FolsomMaternityPhotographer-009FolsomMaternityPhotographer-010FolsomMaternityPhotographer-011FolsomMaternityPhotographer-012FolsomMaternityPhotographer-013FolsomMaternityPhotographer-014FolsomMaternityPhotographer-015FolsomMaternityPhotographer-016FolsomMaternityPhotographer-017FolsomMaternityPhotographer-018


Nicole’s Belly Session {Folsom Maternity Photographer}

Nicole and Shaun are expecting and pregnancy is glorious on her! I love this girl. She is so sweet and I can say I am so glad she picked me to photograph her wedding in 2013. It makes me insanely happy when I get to stay in contact with my gorgeous brides and they start having babies. It makes me even happier (if that is even possible) to be able to photograph them again as they start their families! They pointed out it was almost 2 years ago to the day when we first met for their engagement session to when we met for their maternity photos. Incredible. I was enormously pregnant when I photographed their wedding, as a side note, so babies seem to bring people together.

I am truly thankful for social media keeping me in touch with my former clients turned friends. There is nothing sweeter than knowing them beyond their wedding days. And yes, this is a hint…to any of my clients feel free to find me on your favorite sites:)If you want to peek at Nicole and Shaun’s engagement and wedding photos, please do! They are so much fun I cannot help sharing!

Nicole is a photographer and I love seeing her work on her blog, and I know her little boy will be a beautifully photographed child! He is so lucky to grow up with a mama that loves capturing those special moments. I can’t wait to watch these two become parents. They are going to rock the socks off that little guy. Nicole comes from a family full of nieces and nephews and she is glowing with anticipation in adding her own little one to the mix!

Huge huge congratulations to this special couple!!